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Slovak Assotiation For Wind Energy



The SAVE aims are:


- to connect the Slovak experts and project engineers in wind utilization and wind measurement
- to provide advice to all potential power plant builders and contact them to project engineers and experts 
- to map the Slovak wind conditions and recognize suitable localities
- to observe electricity purchase rules and plugging to public grid
- to monitor the Slovak law and suggest remarks to revision of regulations via CPE authority
- to overview actual projects and database about current wind utilization in Slovakia
- to keep survey of  important power plant producers and their current technology
- to look for Slovak producers connected to "wind industry", transport, erection etc. 
- to assist at "small" and "hobby" wind utilization projects for homes and service sites  
- to support edition or translation of literature or electronic information in Slovak language
- to develop contacts with our partners worldwide


C o n t a c t :

  • Dipl. Ing. Peter Stibrany (Chairman)  Podkonice 342  SK - 976 41 Slovakia

  • Email :

  • Tel : 00421 915 817634

  • Fax to PC: 00421 48 4187784


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